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Corporate Identity and Branding Design

Design can mean the difference between success and failure. Good design persuades and encourages. Poor design can be more damaging to your image than you'd like to think.

Saul New Media encourages all of our customers think long a hard about what message they are sending out to their customers when there branding message is viewed or lands on a targeted clients desk.

It doesn't really matter how many brochures you send out or how many flyers you hand out if the end message is weak and diluted and does not promote or communicate your business model straight away you may miss out on a potential sale or new customer.

Saul New Media creates eye catching corporate identity logos that will capture the imagination of your existing and potential new clients, this will significantly increase your companies marketing campaign response.

 CQMS Corporate Indentity Logo

Client: Concept Quality Management Systems (CQMS)


 Lestrade Education Solutions Corporate Identity Logo

Client: Lestrade Education Solutions (LES)

 Cricket Mind Corporate Logo

Client: Cricket Mind Corporate Logo


 Pendragon TV Series Logo

Client: Pendragon's Challenge TV Series Logo Design

 Time Is Money Corporate Logo

Client: Time Is Money Corporate Logo


 Medifit Instruments Limited Corporate Logo

Client: Medifit Instruments Limited Corporate Logo

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