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Search Engine Ranking Tips

On-page Optimization (Organic Search Engine Optimization)
On page optimization includes all optimization done internally on your new or current website. Saul New Media will optimize the website and ensure it is focused on the correct keywords and built your website on-page search engine optimization to get your website correctly indexed within search engines. 

Page Optimization
Complete keyword, title, and site description meta tag optimization for each page on your site to make certain your code conforms to current search engine standards. (keyword density within text content).

Website Design or Redesign
Saul New Media will revise your website to focus heavily on the call-to-actions. We will optimize the inner pages to focus on their individual keyword and key phrases. This will ensure better conversion rates.

Content Pages
To get a content-rich site, we can insert additional pages with related content. Each page will focus on a certain keyword or key phrase. They can offer useful tips, help, or information to readers online. Content pages can be articles from other sources, or self-written.

Forums are discussion-driven pages on the site where users can read and comment on specific topics. Forums are a good way to increase user retention and site relevancy.

Blogs (Online Journal)
Blogging is the current trend for the owner of the site to add comments, opinions, etc. to related topics. Blogs increase the number of pages on your site as well as increase retention and overall number of hits.

News Feeds
Links to articles and other information on your site add an information-rich portal for users to access. News feeds and other methods such as forums provide free information to users which in turn increase hits, links, and retention. 

The ultimate goal behind these pages is to create and gain inbound links from other websites.

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