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Content Management Systems Website

Dynamic websites are Content Management Systems. Information on the page, such as text, images, hyperlinks, banner ads, etc, can be changed by the administrator at any time, without the need for web programming knowledge. 

Saul New Media Content Management Systems website has a administrator control panel which gives the administrator full control of the contents on the website through a personal control panel. 

This administrator control is inaccessible to the website's viewers and this gives the administrator the power to completely manage the content and images on the website. 

Dynamic Content Management Systems websites also make it possible for viewers to interact with the website, if a client wishes to by including web forums, comments sections and feedback submissions.  

Saul New Media will provide basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Content Management Systems design and developments which will include titles, headings, content, footers, meta tag description, keywords and keyphrases.

     Content Management Systems Website 
   Client: Peppered Eggs
   Project: Content Management Systems Website
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